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Poppy Flynn
Poppy Flynn was born in Buckinghamshire, UK and moved to Wales at eight years old with parents who wanted to live the 'self-sufficiency' lifestyle.

Today she still lives in rural Wales and is married with six children.

Poppy's love of reading and writing stemmed from her parents encouragement and the fact that they didn't have a television in the house. 

"When you're surrounded by fields, cows and sheep, no neighbours, no TV and the closest tiny village is four miles away, there's a certain limit to your options, but with books your adventures and your horizons are endless" 

Poppy x

As an angst ridden teen Poppy penned books full of poetry and in her early twenties - in those dark days before PC's were commonplace and prior to the existence of the Internet - she tried her hand at the classic 50k Mills & Boon style romance, before the constraints of having three children in three years, another two ten years later and yet another ten years after that, put writing on hold for 25 years.
Today Poppy still doesn't watch much TV, preferring the joy of a good book and turned to writing again to avoid breaking the bank with her prolific reading habit.😊


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