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One year on!

Guess what? It's been a whole year since my first book was published by Blushing Books. 
I've come a long way since the first book in the Club Risqué series was launched with Fool's Desire. 
In fact this week sees the release of Club Risqué Book 6 - Captive Heart. This is Micah's story, and I know it's been eagerly awaited by a lot of readers, since we have seen quite a bit of Micah in the previous books, as he is the manager of Club Risqué. I hope I've done him justice, but I have to admit, he is my personal favourite of all the characters I've written so he has a special place in my heart.   

Captive Heart
Club Risqué Book 6
Poppy Flynn

Universal Link:

What is a psychologist supposed to do when a bruised and battered woman literally falls at his feet, unconscious, right outside the BDSM club where he is the manager?Micah Flynn is torn. He feels drawn to Melody and wants to protect her from the horror she has escaped from. The trouble is he’s well aware that he has a bit of a saviour complex and is not convinced about Melody’s motivation, either.
Melody has been held in captivity for years. When she finally manages to escape, she offers herself to Micah as his slave because being a slave is the only thing she knows how to be. Haunted by his past, the last thing in the world Micah wants is a Master/slave relationship, but reluctantly, he takes on the role of Master, in name only, until Melody is able to think for herself and stand on her own two feet.
Melody’s feelings for Micah grow as he shows her the first true glimpses of human kindness and respect. The trouble is Micah insists that her feelings for him are simply born of gratitude and refuses her advances in the moral belief he would be taking advantage of her.
Is it possible for the two of them to make the transition from love?
 And what will happen if Melody’s captor discovers where she is?

Publisher's Note: This contemporary romance contains themes of power exchange and graphic scenes. If this is offensive to you, please do not read it.

"Okay," he sighed, looking down at where she was curled up in his arms like a trusting little kitten. "It's clear that we need to have a frank and honest chat and get a few things straightened out and work on those misconceptions of yours and maybe a few that I might be guilty of harbouring myself. Are you up for that?" 
She looked up at him with clear, guileless eyes and nodded solemnly. 
"Right," he huffed resolutely. "First of all, yes, I do feel obligated to help you, but that doesn't make you a burden," he insisted. "I would help anyone in a similar situation if it were within my power to do so, and I have no trouble admitting that it would make me feel good about myself in doing it. That's just the way I'm wired. I like to help people." 
"So I'm nothing special then," she determined gloomily, looking away from him again. 
"Stop it!" Micah chastised. "You are special. Everyone in the entire world is special in their own unique way. Well, with the possible exceptions of ass-hats and dickwads," he countered, drawing a reluctant smile from her as he'd intended. "That aside, I can pretty much guarantee that if you had been a drunken bum or a minor, I would certainly have approached things differently. You are here because it seemed like the right thing to do under the circumstances." 
She relaxed into him once again, laying her head on his wide chest and toying absently with the buttons on his shirt in a way that was really quite distracting. A hard-on was one thing he could really do without for the duration of this conversation, but if Melody didn't stop squirming around on his lap and running her fingers idly across his chest, that was the way things would end up going! 
Micah adjusted himself surreptitiously and ploughed ahead, determined to keep his mind from wandering in a direction it really shouldn't go in, despite the provocation. 
"As far as not wanting you for my slave, you're right..." He felt her flinch and stiffen and pulled her up to face him, cupping her chin in his hands so she couldn't look away. "But that has nothing to do with you or your value or the way I feel about you. It is simply a dynamic that I do not want to endure. I don't want someone in my life who can't think for themselves. I don't want to shoulder the entire responsibility for another person's day to day existence. When I'm in a relationship, I want it to be autonomous and I want the other person in that relationship to care for me as much as I care for them. And I want them to show that care and do things for me because they want to, not because I've told them to. I want unexpected intimacy and surprises and thoughtful little things that make me realise I'm appreciated for who I am, not because I'm a master who has ordered it!" he insisted passionately. 
Micah eased back, realising he had let his emotions on the subject run away with him. He felt like he owed her an explanation for them, a small one, anyway. 
"You're not the first person to want this from me, and it's not the first time I've balked at the idea." 
"It's not? Really?" she asked earnestly, searching his eyes. 
"No, I had a girlfriend who wanted the same."
"What happened?" Melody asked tentatively. 
Micah shrugged. "She left me," he replied bluntly. It wasn't something he liked to talk about. "She felt I couldn't give her what she wanted so she found someone whom she thought would." 
"Is she happy now?" Melody asked shyly, curious, her forehead wrinkling as her eyes widened in what...disbelief? Disbelief that Sara had left him without trying to compromise or disbelief that he hadn't wanted what Sara had offered, the same thing she had offered. 
"No," Micah bit out, withdrawing his hands and looking away. "She's dead." 

Another exciting thing to happen this week was that myself and five other amazing authors, Kessily Lewel, Chloe Kent, Libby Campbell and Mary Auclair, decided to get together to start our own reader group. We would love for you to come and join us at
Sexy Spanking Authors and Readers

And the excitement doesn't end there! Oh no, on top of all that I have exciting news of not one but TWO book signings that I am taking part in. Admittedly, they're a little way off yet, but it's all added up to make this one heck of an anniversary week.

First up we have the Shenanigans Book Signing, taking place on April 4th 2020 in Telford, Shropshire, UK. You can get your tickets here:

The following year, on November 20th 2021, I am going to be signing at Creativity in Birmingham at the Ramada by Wyndham, Sutton Coldfield, UK. Tickets for this should be going on sale at the beginning of September. But you can be sure, I'll post a link in here when they're available.

Who knows, after that, maybe I'll manage to get across the water to take part in one of the wonderful signings in the US. It's definitely on my bucket list.

In the meantime, why not join me and many other great authors for some online fun. I am taking part in several release parties over the next few weeks, so here are some dates for your diary:

Saturday, 27 July 2019

From Mountain men to Vikings - it's all HOT!

Hello everyone. 
On my blog this weekend we are straddling the centuries, but you can guarantee that the men will be just as hot, regardless! Whew!

First up we have Chloe Kent with her new release:

A Baby for the Mountain Men


Chloe Kent

She was promised to the mysterious mountain men in order to have their baby. Now they’re ready to collect their reward.

Twenty-one-year-old Soraya has lived almost her whole life under the shadow of being promised to the mysterious men in the mountain – a deal struck in return for saving her father’s life. Now the time to present herself at their door has arrived. 

For Soraya, this means going from the sheltered, friendless, cruel and unloving care of her grandmother to an equally daunting and strange situation in the eerie mansion hidden deep in the dark mountain. There are rumored to be hideous monsters gracing the dilapidated castle-like house, but nothing prepares Soraya for when she meets the three men determined to extract their repayment in full.

For the sake of her father, she’ll pay the debt, then she’ll start living the life she was meant to live…until their bold, immodest examinations and hot intimate discipline leave her quivering and questioning everything.  Shrouded in the darkness is a devastating secret that will leave her entirely undone.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy, contemporary reverse harem romance contains elements of mystery, ménage, and power exchange and is intended for those who like things a bit naughty. 

Already interested? Buy it here:

Barnes & Noble:

Here's a little sneak peek to whet your appetite. I don't mind telling you that I've already purchased my copy and I can't wait to read it!     


They weren’t wasting any time. Logan took his place behind her now. “Lean down, hands on the desk at all times. Move them and you’ll be sorrier,” he told her then flipped her skirt up to her waist and because she was standing so far from the desk, the bundled-up fabric rested in the curve of her lower back. He then pulled her panties down to expose her backside and her cheeks flamed in embarrassment. 
She thought about something snarky to say but every thought fled the instant Logan brought that riding crop down across her buttocks. He didn’t even give her a breather before he delivered the second which burned right through to her soul. 
“You will receive twelve strikes,” he issued and struck her again. Oh God. The third was too much. She sprang up and put her hands behind her to protect her flaming ass. “Hands back down and don’t do anything that stupid again,” Logan said softly but the threat was so clear in his voice she did two things. She obeyed and felt her pussy pulse between her legs. “And for that you will have the uncomfortable task of wearing a butt plug for a whole week,” Logan said further. 
What? A butt plug? How deranged were they? Wait, there were plugs for one’s butt? 
“I’ll get one tomorrow,” Noah offered. She didn’t need to look behind her to know Logan nodded his approval. “And if you continue to be rowdy during your punishment, my brothers and I will have no problem of immediately finding anything in this house that may suffice as a butt plug. Understood?” 
She couldn’t. She just couldn’t anymore. But she nodded as he continued to whip red stripes into her flesh. The entire scope of her feelings running through her, left her disorientated. She was scared, and utterly angry, in searing deafening pain and wholly aroused.

Chloe Kent: 
Writer of Romance. 
Sometimes a sassy heroine needs more than one hero.
Reverse harem and happily ever after spanking romances!

Find her here:

Now, our second treat for today's blog takes us back a few centuries. How do you fancy some rough, tough Vikings?
Well, you're in for a real treat with this box set, because there are not one, not two but a whopping nine Viking stories for you to drool over in this great value anthology.

This delicious set of all-new Viking romances is available for a limited time at the heavily discounted price of 99p/99c.

Available on Amazon, Kindle Unlimited and also in paperback.
⬇️ Get it here! ⬇️


Filled with action and suspense, this summer’s hottest beach read comes in the shape of Vikings!

Battle-hardened and broad-chested, with arms strong enough to sweep you off your feet, these warriors are pure muscle, with shoulders built for carrying you to bed. 

Congratulations to the nine authors who've created this shared-world series of supreme alpha hotness: Ashe Barker, Lily Harlem, Felicity Brandon, Gianna Simone, Vanessa Brooks, Sassa Daniels, Sky Purington, Emmanuelle de Maupassant and Jane Burrelli.  

A tiny Scottish settlement at the mercy of its enemies.
A harrowing bargain struck for nine fearful and reluctant brides.

Delivered into Viking hands, the brides of Achnaryrie now belong to their conquering masters but, as wedding nights bring surrender to duty, will fierce lovers also surrender their hearts?

The Highland wilderness is savage, life is perilous, and the future uncertain, but each Viking has sworn protection, and there are no lengths to which a man will not go to safeguard the woman he loves.

Against the forbidding backdrop of medieval Scotland, join these indomitable heroes and intrepid heroines as they discover that the raging storms of fear and passion can transform into enduring devotion.

Finally, have yourselves a wonderful weekend and watch this space  because Club Risqué Book 6 - Slave to Love (Micah's story), is due for release in mid August. 🙂

Sunday, 14 July 2019

New Releases & Sneak Peaks

Well, my latest release is now live on Amazon and also available in KU. This is Club Risqué Book 5 - Trinity's story.

Friends with Benefits

When she was young and naïve and had foolishly believed that wishing on stars would be enough to grant her deepest desires, Trinity had spent years in a 'non' relationship as a 'friend with benefits,' believing that Christian would one day be ready to make things official. But reality reared its ugly head and instead, he broke her heart when he told her he wanted to move on with someone else.

With both his business and personal life out of control and disintegrating around him, Christian had been completely up front and honest about the fact he didn't have the time or the resources to dedicate to a relationship, and Trinity had insisted she understood and accepted the situation – only to be blindsided when he revealed that he'd fallen in love with someone else.

Years later and eons wiser, they find each other again, but can things be any different the second time around?

Publisher's Note: This steamy, contemporary second chance romance contains themes of power exchange.

Get it here with this universal link! 

Here's a little excerpt to whet the appetite 😉
The kiss turned passionate and incendiary. Christian tightened his hand in her hair and kept her head immobilized while he devoured her mouth, his tongue plundering and demanding. Conquering. He bit at her lips and then soothed with his tongue, he nipped at her jaw and again behind her ear before finding his way back to her mouth and continuing his passionate onslaught. He ground his pelvis into her softness and Taryn whimpered, seeking to rub at the ache of her own desire in an effort to ease the aching need she felt. 
She was ready to climb up and clamber all over him when he finally broke the kiss. “Goddamn it, this isn’t right Tara, he groaned, his voice catching. “I want you. And God knows, I really needsomebody right now, but I don’t have anything to offer in the way of a relationship, because the truth is that I’m so wrung out from Dad’s death that there’s nothing left to give.” 
He heaved a tortured sigh and started to disentangle himself from her. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be taking advantage of you like this. I just want to feel close to someone physically, I need to remember that I’m still alive, but that’s no excuse for mauling you like I’ve turned into some kind of rabid animal.”
He sucked in a shuddering breath. “Forgive me, Tara, I shouldn’t have done this to you,” he whispered. “I’ll let myself out and go and find someone who knows the score. I hope I haven’t ruined your birthday for you,” he finished soberly, his forehead pressed against her own and his eyes squeezed tightly shut.
Taryn wasn’t sure which emotion hit her the hardest. The fact that he had come so close to making all her lustful fantasies come true, the fact that he wanted no strings sex without any kind of relationship, or the fact that he was about to go out and find someone else to sate those heartfelt needs. She even overlooked the fact that he continued to call her Tara.
Ultimately, it was the thought of Christian with another woman that spurned her into making a choice that would end up having repercussions on her life for many years to come. The idea of him loosing himself in another woman’s body, even if it was just a temporary interlude of meaningless sex, had the green-eyed monster inside of her rearing its ugly head and messing with her brain so much that she just couldn’t see past it.
“The only thing that will ruin this birthday is if you walk out of that door after twisting me up like that, only to leave me hanging,” she panted. He looked like he might argue, but Taryn ploughed on. “I know what’s going on in your life better than anybody else on this earth. I know exactly what you’re having to deal with both on a business and on a personal level. I understand all of the restrictions on your time and all of the constraints on your allegiances and I have first-hand knowledge of the entire depth of your commitments. I already live with them, Christian. I’ve lived with them for almost the past two years and I’ve been your escort for the past nine months because I understand all of those reasons. You’re my closest friend Christian, and anything which is within my power to grant, I will do for you and if that includes being a warm body in your bed so that you can lose yourself for a little while, then I’ll do that too.”
Christian was quiet for the longest time and the silence was becoming so drawn out it was getting awkward. 
Finally, Taryn took a step away from him and tried to surreptitiously blink away the tears that were starting to prickle behind her eyes. 
“I guess it’s my turn to apologize now,” she said stiffly, turning toward the front door to open it for him. “I didn’t mean to overstep the mark.” The words faltered, and she cleared her throat when they came out as more of a croak. “I hope this won’t affect our friendship.”
But it would, wouldn’t it. How could it not?
Taryn had just reached out to turn the door handle when there was a flurry of movement behind her and, in the next second, she was whirled around so fast that her head spun and Christian had her pinned against the smooth wood of the door, his hard body pressing into hers and his breath hot in her ear.
“You need to be sure about that, Taryn. Because if we do this, then there’s no turning back and I’m just selfish and desperate enough, right now, to take that gift and keep it and use it over and over again. Not just tonight, but tomorrow night, and next week, and next month. This won’t just be a one-night thing sweetheart.”
Taryn’s heart almost beat out of her chest as he offered as close to what she wanted as she was ever going to get…for now at least. The fact that he wanted more than a one-night stand had her heart and her hopes soaring. It was a start. Maybe not ideal, but enough for now. His pain would heal in time and his mother would become less clingy and dependent. The company business would be less demanding once everything settled down again and Christian would gradually get his life back. She could be patient and she was already prepared to wait. She’d been waiting all this time, after all, with much less to show for it than a physical relationship. 
She was a virgin and she wanted her first time to be with someone she loved. She didn’t think she would ever love anyone except Christian. 
And he had remembered to call her Taryn. Of all the cautions and concerns he had warned her of, that was what she took away with her. That was what stuck in her mind because it must surely be a sign.
“I’ve never been more certain of anything in my life,” she whispered against his lips.

Also, this weekend I'm featuring Christina Mandara's new release. Get ready for

CP Mandara


I’ve been left in the hands of a monster. He’s beaten me up, torn my flesh to ribbons, and tried to steal my soul – but even though I crave death, my body refuses to die. 

Just when I begin to think that there is no God, an angel arrives to save me. Now it’s James Leveritt against Alain Dumortier with my life riding in the balance. I’m in love with both of them, but I’ll need to kill one if I want to survive.

The stakes have never been higher.

Buy it here! 

Fancy a little sneak peek? Your wish is my command! Enjoy ☺️

Gliding forwards, silent and deadly as a panther, I continued on my path until I was standing right before them. Clearing my throat loudly, I waited for the happy couple to acknowledge my arrival.
   Lois was the first to do so. “Fuck,” she spat. Springing away from Adie, she brought her hand up to her mouth as if to wipe away all evidence of their kiss. That immediately drew my gaze up to her face, where I focused on her beautifully swollen, red lips. Slowly, very, very slowly, my eyes reached hers. 
   "Hello, darling," I purred. 
   “You’re supposed to be in Paris,” she whispered shakily, his fingers twisting nervously around her throat. 
   "My board meeting for tomorrow was cancelled, so I got to come home a day early. Lucky me," I drawled. My eyes switched to Adie, who was now backing away from me in order to make his escape. I curled my finger forward, beckoning him towards me, to let him know that wouldn't be an option. 
   “Have you met my wife, Lois?” I asked the question pleasantly enough, but for those that cared to listen, there was an undercurrent of menace in my tone.
   “I didn’t know she was married,” barked a now very uncomfortable Adie.
   All eyes in the room now circled us like greedy vultures, watching and waiting for the first casualty. People were so predictable.
   “That is generally what a wedding band is for, isn’t it?” I asked, holding Lois’s hand aloft in the air, to demonstrate that she was indeed wearing my ring.
   Adie swallowed tightly. His eyes nervously fluttered upon the glinting gold on Lois’s finger. 
   “I didn’t look,” he stammered. 
   “I can see that. Perhaps next time you’re in the same position, you’ll make a point of doing so,” I suggested, to which he nodded heavily. Of course, he wasn’t going to get off that easily.
   “Meanwhile, I need to figure out what to do with you and my wife. Clearly, you both need to be taught a lesson.”
   “What’s your excuse by the way?” I said, turning towards the beautiful temptress that was now looking a little green around the gills. “Did you forget that you were married? Is this a temporary spell of amnesia that I should be worried about?”
   She began backing away from me, too. “I think we should go home,” she said eventually, inching closer towards the door. 
   “Do you think you’ll be able to explain it better there?” I said it quietly, but by this time there wasn’t a sound to be heard in the room bar our little disaster unfolding.

Hope you enjoyed this weekend's offerings. I'll be bringing some Viking tales next week, all things being well, since I'm going to be at Great Ormond Street Children's hospital with my 12 year old son, Logan, who is going in for surgery on 19th July and has to stay in for 2-4 weeks afterwards. Rest assured I'll have plenty of reading material with me to keep me occupied! 
Then, when I get back in August, I have my next new release scheduled, so watch this space for Micah's story, Slave to Love ❤️

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Hot New Releases.

Another two hot releases on my blog this week, as well as a little bit of news on the release of the next books in my own Club Risqué series. Plus a little surprise!
So what's in store today? Well, first off we have 

Romancing the Coast
Libby Campbell

Includes: Seeing Ronnie, Holding Cynthia, and Trusting Ingrid

I have to say that I was fortunate enough to read the ARC copy of this three book box set, and I will admit, right now, that I'm so pleased I had the opportunity. Libby Campbell's work is so beautifully crafted that the quality of writing jumps up at you from the very first page. She has the ability to construct a story so that you know all of the details about everything without ever feeling like you want to skim through all of the descriptions to get to the action and that, in my opinion, is a true talent. What other treats are in store in this box set? Well, I have to say, it's so refreshing to see and older couple getting some story time in Holding Cynthia. And if that's not enough, the struggles which Ingrid encountered in Trusting Ingrid were so detailed and well written that I honestly felt like I was with her every step of the way. 
So why not treat yourself to this box set. Here's a little taste of what you can expect.


In the beautiful Pacific Northwest, three feisty women are living happy lives of financial independence and social autonomy. 
None of them are aware of the storms gathering on the edges of their orderly worlds, about to challenge everything they thought they wanted from life.
The winds of change arrive in the shape of three sexy alpha men. 
These men shun political correctness as they seek to challenge, conquer, protect, and possess the strong gorgeous women who intimidate mere mortals.

Seeing Ronnie:

Aloof and beautiful, society blogger Ronnie Flynn only agrees to go out with Del Franklin because he has an invitation to the biggest social event of the year. But it means spending a weekend with him on gorgeous Seguro Island. Before that weekend is over, Ronnie is in deeper than she ever imagined possible. Enthralled by her beauty and intelligence but less impressed with her snark, Del decides the only thing she needs to make her a good partner is a lesson in manners. That’s a lesson he’s happy to deliver, as often as she needs it.

Holding Cynthia: 

Cynthia is about to move to the West Coast to be closer her daughter. As her plane touches down in her new city, she steels herself for the new life ahead. When she finds Antony, someone she thinks of as a dear friend, waiting at the arrivals gate, a wave of gratitude and desire floods through her.
She is tired and aching beyond all memory, so Antony takes charge. Very quickly, he realizes there is something wrong, very wrong, with Cynthia’s health. He insists that she see a doctor.
She says he is overprotective. He agrees. He is also determined to look after her if she won’t look after herself. A trip over his knee shakes Cynthia to the core. In spite of herself she likes – she wants – this loving correction. 
Is Antony too much, too soon, or is he just what the doctor ordered?

Trusting Ingrid:

Ingrid Nickel doesn’t want to go into rehab. Again. She tried it once but it didn’t work. 
When she meets Lachlan Morrison, the connection is electric. She sees a handsome man, directing and challenging, who won’t be intimidated by a powerful woman like her. He sees a woman whose bluster and sarcasm is a cover for something deep inside her that is badly broken. 
The daughter of a grifter, Ingrid has grown up street-wise and lawless. Lachlan has rescued more than one creature whose bark was worse than its bite. 
Will his stern, loving magic work on Ingrid?

Get it here!

Excerpt from Seeing Ronnie:

[Del catches Ronnie snooping at the house where they are attending the engagement party]

“Let’s put it this way, you can take a spanking and we’ll draw a line under this incident.” Del stepped closer to her. “Or I can march you downstairs, past all the guests, and we’ll show Simon how I just found you and what you had in your hand.”
Ronnie pictured all the gathered dignitaries: people of wealth and influence from all walks of life. Politicians, business people, artists, dancers, writers, musicians, all milling around downstairs. Everyone who was anyone for a hundred miles was at this party.
Her face burned at the thought of the public humiliation. She’d be ridiculed for months to come.
“Okay I’ll take the stupid spanking—on one condition.”
“Which is?”
“You can’t tell a soul.” Her voice came out wheedling, but his expression didn’t change. In the midst of her anger and bluster, another sensation simmered, a strange, tangled response to his threat, to the way he stood in front of her, his face stony and resolute.
Moistness dampened her panties and her nipples tightened.
Del seated himself at the end of the bed. “That’s fair enough. For now. If you behave for the rest of the day, you have my word that this will stay between the two of us. Now take off your hat, lift your skirt, and lie across my knees. You may leave your panties on. This time.”
“This time?” she snorted. “Like you really think this is ever going to happen again?” Ronnie’s face was so hot she was sure it would combust.
“The longer it takes you to present yourself, the worse this is going to be.” Del’s voice dropped to an ominous level.
She glanced around the room to make sure no one could see or hear what was about to take place. Without asking Del, she darted over to the French doors leading to the upstairs balcony and closed them, shutting out the murmur of laughter and conversation drifting up from the lawn below. She hoped fervently that she had also cut off any noise from the bedroom travelling the other way.
When she got back to where Del sat, her mouth dry and palms sweating, she fumbled her hat off and placed it on the chair by the fireplace. Her long red hair fell across her face, partly shielding the embarrassed blush coloring her cheeks.
“I’ve never been spanked before,” she said in a mouse-like voice and hated herself for her timidity. She stood before him, staring at her feet.
“Then you’re overdue, aren’t you?” Del took her hands in his. He brought one then the other to his lips before looking up at her and speaking again. “This will hurt but it won’t be anything you can’t bear. If it really gets to be too much, simply say safeword and I will stop. Then we will have to find another way for you to pay for your misbehavior. I think you’ll find that a spanking is the fastest and easiest way to atone. Do you agree?”
Ronnie nodded, biting her lip.

Don’t miss these other great books from Libby Campbell and Blushing Books: 

The Simon in Charge series:

Simon Says(book 1)
Winning Sadie(book 2)
Sadie Says I Do(book 3)
Three-book box set – Simon in Charge

A Time For Will

Novellas in Christmas anthologies:

Prairie Promise– A Spanking Good New Year anthology
Love at Last Flight– 12 Naughty Days of Christmas anthology

Libby Campbell in her own words:

I’m in love with love. My romance stories feature strong, self-reliant women who challenge the powerful men who love them. 
My books are set in the Pacific Northwest, a part of the world I know well and love deeply.
I’ve lived all over Canada, but the best decision of my life was when I moved to Australia to marry my leading man. After many years there, we moved back to the Pacific Northwest. We now live in a leafy neighborhood close to the sea.
My passions are reading and writing. I also love hiking, beachcombing, and an occasional night of dancing. 

Sign up for her newsletter here:
Visit her website and blog here:
Find her on Facebook –
Follow her on Twitter:

Next Up! 

Another fantastic new release from a good friend of mine. Kessily Lewel has a new pen name and this is her debut novel under the name Sadie Marks. Get ready for

Surrendering to her General

(Rise of the Sadecs - Book 1)


Sadie Marks 


Kenzi was a submissive who'd never quite worked up the courage to tell any of her lovers about her fantasies. She'd never dared to explore her need to be disciplined and dominated, but all that changed when the aliens arrived. Now submissives and masochists of all kinds are a premium product that can be traded to the sadistic Sadec race in exchange for their incredibly advanced technology.

Tal never intended to keep her for himself, but once he tastes Kenzi's sweet submission, he finds that he can't let her be auctioned off to just any crew-member on his ship. He'll share her with others, whether she likes it or not, but she will belong only to him. His slave. His pet. And if he has his way, she won't be returning to Earth at the end of five years.

Already interested? Get it here! 

Here's an excerpt to tickle your fancy!

She'd done this to herself, thinking, somehow, that this would solve all of her problems. The rules had all been laid out for her; no one had lied. She'd misunderstood because she wanted to, and now she was a long way from home at the mercy of a race of aliens who were known for having no mercy.

It should have bothered her that her body seemed to have absolutely no problem with that. It was all on board for every new experience, every invasive touch, every painful slap she knew she'd receive, but especially for all of the pleasure and the endless orgasms that would come with them. She wanted to hold onto the anger and upset, to resist, but just thinking about how completely helpless she was with her body spread and restrained had the juices running down her inner thighs.

She groaned and dropped her head as the clinician commented on it. It was like the humiliation would never end.

Author Bio

Sadie Marks has been in love with Science-Fiction and horror since she was a little girl and when given the opportunity to mix power-exchange romance with sadistic aliens there was no way she was going to turn it down. She is currently working on the sequel to her first novel: Surrendering to Her General, and there’s a good chance she’ll be getting into some darker territory as she goes. 

Her wide and varied experiences lend a note of realism to the D/s relationships she portrays in her books.

(Sadie Marks is the darker half of Author Kessily Lewel)

Sadie doesn’t have her own website, but she does share one with Kessily Lewel which covers a mixture of topics like writing, safely exploring BDSM relationships, and the occasional kinky short story. You can find it at:

Or you can visit her Facebook page here:

Don’t miss this exciting title by Sadie Marks and Blushing Books!
Surrendering to Her General –First from the Rise of the Sadecs series

Phew! Two completely different types of book there, and to round it up I have some exciting news of my own!

First of all, not one but TWO Club Risque books are due for release very shortly. One in July and the other a month later in August. 
And guess what, I have a cover to share too, which was just finalised yesterday! I won't be doing an official cover reveal for a couple of weeks, so for now, it's just between us 😉

This is Trinity and Christian's book ❤️

Finally, something completely different...I tried my hand at a short story!

It's FREE on Smashwords and I'm hoping Amazon will price match shortly.
This is nothing like my Club Risqué books. It's completely clean for a start 🤣 and only about 10k words (48 pages) long.

Never Judge a Book by its Cover


Poppy Flynn

A short story about a couple who encounter some unexpected prejudices which endangers their relationship. 


Allegra Malo might be rich, but you'd never know it from looking at her. With her brightly braided hair and ink all over her body, she certainly isn't the type of girl Maria De Luca expects her son, Matteo, to be involved with. And the wealthy Italian matriarch wastes no time in making her feelings known.
Matt wants to marry Ally and is shocked by his mothers attitude. He takes her home to meet Mamma, but instead he is issued with an ultimatum. 
Will Matt choose Ally over his family, his inheritance and his career or will Ally end up loosing the only person she has allowed to get close to her since the death of her parents, leaving her all alone in the world once again?