Saturday 24 February 2024

The Lost Boys series


Decades earlier, trouble stalked the tropical haven of the Florida Keys.

Dark shadows crawled beneath the sun and fun, and children went missing.

Then it all stopped.

Now, for better or worse, the lives of seven people are about to become intricately intertwined. The Lost Boys Kidnapper is back, and only they can stop him.

To do so, though, they'll need to piece back lives ripped apart by past events.

Find out what happened to them Before.

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Five Sinful Saviors 

A Deadly Mystery to Uncover The Lost.

Even bright sunshine has dark shadows...

Ever since my brother's disappearance, my world has been carefully designed to keep the darkness out.

When a serial killer from the Florida Keys' past returns, my simple little existence gets a lot more complicated...especially when five men haunted by their own dark pasts take a sudden interest in me.

Overnight, my life is torn apart, and I am thrown into the arms of these mysterious strangers for solace and protection, finding the paradise I've been hunting for with them.

Can we escape the shadows that chase us, though? Or will I be lost, too?

This suspenseful romance, inspired by the tale of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, has a complete HFN ending and can be read as a standalone.

Six Dark Defenders

First there were Five. Now they are Six.


The sun has dawned on a new day and after a grim fight with a notorious serial child killer, the future looks bright.Even for me.

But not everything is as it seems. The man killed in that brutal struggle? He’s not the man I remember as my kidnapper.

Neve and her guys think they’ve finally found their happy ever after, but something sinister continues to lurk in the background, threatening to steal away the happiness they’ve discovered on the islands of the Florida Keys.

Forced into hiding with Neve, I find myself falling for her, and I know I can’t let that happen.

But convincing people to believe me has always been a problem, and it looks like that hasn’t changed.

Now I need to persuade them of the truth before the past comes back to finish what it started.

Perhaps then I can have my happy ever after, too.

Hating Them

They're my stepbrothers. My rivals. My enemies.

It’s hard to watch someone else live your dream.

When my best friend settles into her happy-ever-after, I’m determined to make my own dreams come true. Inheriting my father’s beach house gives me the space I need to make my desires a reality.

But love seems to be a bit more elusive for me.

Enter my stepbrothers.

I barely know them and ought to hate them. They think I owe them something when the simple truth is, I owe them nothing more than the terms of the will, which allows them to live under the same roof.

So here we are—roommates, enemies, and possibly more, as sparks between us ignite in the summer heat.

Those sparks, though, have the power to rage unchecked. Someone is trying to take away everything my father has given me, and it could be the men in my bed.

H8 is the thrilling spin-off to Five and Six.If you’re a sucker for dark and twisted fairytales, you won’t want to miss this mash-up of Cinderella and Snow White.

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