Monday 26 February 2024

 1 year since the release of


Betrayed. Stoic. Broken

Five years after the woman he loved stole his destiny, Carter Hayes finds her again in the most unlikely of places. And from the moment he lays eyes on Skye, it’s clear his hunger for her hasn’t waned a bit during their time apart.

Now they’re trapped, forced to relive those wild, passion-filled nights, as well as their darkest, most painful moments, while the guild they serve is taken hostage.

But a guild coup isn’t their only problem. Carter’s own family is working against him, and unless he can let go of the past, he’ll lose his rightful place in the Aquarius guild…

And a future he never knew he wanted.

What else does this mean? 

It means the entire Masters of the Zodiac, multi-author series is now complete and you can check out all twelve books here

And if you have a Kindle Unlimited account you can read them all for free.

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