Monday 10 December 2018

Featuring Felicity Brandon, Vanessa Brooks and Mark Hearn

Lots of wonderful new reads on todays blog. I have read this first book, so I can personally vouch that it is a great read and had me intrigued enough that I decided to buy all of the other books in the Corbin's Bend series. I have to say I absolutely love the title! So, first up we have:

Vanessa Brooks

Josie and Max are finally moving into Corbin’s Bend where Josie's grandparents, Liam and Nicky O'Donnell, are living a domestic discipline relationship. Josie is excited to be finally sharing her life with ex naval doctor, Max, as his submissive. 

But things do not run smoothly from the start, as one thing after another derails their lifestyle dynamic. Will they find their way back to one another, or will a dark secret from Max’s past tear them apart forever?

Publisher’s Note: This sweet contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange. It, like all other Corbin’s Bend novels, can be enjoyed as a standalone.

Want to catch up with Vanessa on a regular basis? Here's a link to her website - Penning Passions.

But it doesn't end there, oh no! Today I am also featuring the first book in Felicity Brandon's new Dark Necessities Trilogy and I have to say it looks gripping! Can't wait to get my hands on this one!

Felicity Brandon

One obsessed fan. One captive author.

Lost on the streets of a foreign city, Molly Clary is attacked after a book signing. An unknown hero steps in to protect her, but her relief turns to terror when her savior’s true intentions are revealed.

Connor Reilly doesn’t just want to save her. He wants to take her for himself.

Now Molly’s fighting, not just for her life, but for the essence of who she truly is. If she’s going to survive in Connor’s dark new world, she’ll have to learn to play his base games. But if Molly plays, what will it cost her? Can a monster ever really learn to love, or will his need to dominate destroy them both?

If you enjoyed the debauched desire of the Twist Me series, then you’ll devour Felicity Brandon’s edgy new trilogy.

Want it already? Buy it here with this handy universal link:

Here's a little excerpt to tickle your taste buds!

“Are you going to run, Molly?” His voice was calm, and almost amused as it questioned her.
She shifted her gaze to follow the sound of his voice, her face no doubt portraying her anxiety on the subject. “No,” she lied, her tone breathless.
“No?” he repeated back to her as he stepped forward out of the black shadows of the furthest corner. His right brow arched in the tantalizing way it did when he knew he was onto a winner.
“No,” she confirmed, shaking her head for good measure.
He moved toward her laughing. “You could run, you know,” he went on, his gaze intense as his tall body loomed over her.
Molly blinked up at her captor. Free of her binds at last, she felt bolstered and no longer wanted to call him Master. She could never allow a monster like Connor to master her. “What?”
“You could run,” he affirmed. “If you wanted to? Your stories have always had an element of the cat and mouseabout them, haven’t they, pet? I know you’d enjoy that, and if you didn’t already know, I love the thrill of the chase.”
Adrenaline spiked in her body as he spoke. Was he giving her permission to flee from him? Is that why he’d removed the chains? Was this just the latest game he wanted to play?
“Yes,” he answered her, although she was certain she hadn’t spoken the words out loud. “You can run, Molly, but you know if you run, I’m going to chase you, and you know I’m going to catch you.”
Her heart was pounding in her chest as she sat up straight beside him, pinning her wide-eyed gaze onto his. “Why are you saying this?” she mumbled. And how do youknow all of this?
His smile widened, and he pulled up a box from nearby, seating himself beside her. “After all this time, pet,” he purred. “Don’t you think I know you by now? I knew you before we’d even met. I know what you’re thinking, Molly. You are quite literally an open book to me.”
She flushed, her head falling forward as though the admission was shameful. She was ashamed, because he was right. He did seem to know her. He knew what she was going to be thinking, what she wanted, and just how to control her. It was freaking infuriating.
“Look at me.” His voice was sterner, having taken on some of the quality which made the knot of anxious energy in her belly tighten. She complied, not wanting to rile the beast in him. Their eyes met, his mesmerizing green orbs utterly compelling. His hand came slowly to her face. Molly flinched out of instinct, but relaxed when he began to caress the side of her face with calm, gentle strokes. “This is your story, pet,” he mused. “Ourstory. If you want to run, then I am not going to stop you.”
“But you will chase me?” she whispered, her fear furling as simmering arousal at his touch began to flood her system. She knew she shouldn’t crave him, but she found herself leaning into the warmth of his hand. It was like a reflex. Despite the fact this was the same hand that had captured, and tormented her, it was also the hand that had rescued and comforted her – and pleasured her.
Connor’s chuckle resonated deeply inside of Molly’s body. “Of course,” he answered, his fingers tightening in her long dark hair. “I will chase you because you’re mine, pet. You belong to me now, we both know that, don’t we?” He hesitated as though he expected her to speak, but she merely blinked at him. Too terrified to respond. Too afraid of what her answer might be. “Molly?”
The sound of her name made her lips part. It was intimate, fanning the flames of her burgeoning need. “Yes, Master?” she said, her voice barely audible as she confessed the truth.
For a moment they just stared at one another, the admission lingering in the dank air around them.
“But that’s not the only reason I’d chase you,” he went on eventually. “I’d chase you because it’s what you want, Molly, isn’t it?”
The Dark Necessities trilogy continues in the twisted pages of Tamed, released in December, 2018, and concludes in the heart-stopping finale, Entwined (due January 2019).

All about Felicity

Felicity Brandon is a top 100 Amazon bestselling author. 
She loves the darker side of romance, and writes sexy, suspenseful stories, with strong themes of bondage and submission.
You’ll find her either at her laptop, at the gym, or rocking out to her favourite music.

Find Felicity here:
Facebook Reader group; Fierce AF:

And Finally!
Last, but by no means least we have this very special book where the author donates all his royalties to children's charities, which means that every book sale helps a sick or needy child. I'm sure you'll all agree that this is certainly a worthwhile cause, so take a look at:

Help! I'm a Father
Mark Hearn

Help! I’m a Father is designed to be a practical help to all expectant fathers and existing fathers with children at any age of their development. Readers will learn dozens of tips and enjoy anecdotes on how to handle different situations that occur during their children’s lives. Plus there’s advice on how to be really involved with and guide your children as they grow up irrespective of what age they are. It suggests ideas and strategies on how to cope with day to day situations or major events that occur in the family and offers tips and advice that really works. Whether it’s a sure fire technique to getting an extra hours sleep in the early years, or talking about sex with your teenage daughter, Help I’m a Father has it covered. It’s broken down into 8 chapters so fathers can dive in to the right point in their child’s development, see what’s coming next and look back at what they could have done. Some of the advice and strategies have managed to get me out of some degenerating and highly emotionally charged situations. They have prevented anger, frustration and despair taking over on both sides. Whether it is the ominous threat of drugs or furtive drinking or just how to do better at school, the tips in this book have helped avoid the pain that these situations can bring. In fact, they have actually ended up strengthening the bonds between me and my children and making the role of Fatherhood even more fun for us both.

I'm sure you'll all agree that there's a lot of diversity in todays blog post. Something for everyone, I hope. All that is left for me to do is wish you all a 
Very Merry Christmas! 

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