Tuesday 18 December 2018

Christmas reads and giveaways with Linzi Basset / Isabel James

Surely everyone loves a festive seasonal read.  First up on my blog today we have a standalone Christmas novella. Take a look at this!

Master Santa 
Linzi Basset

There she was, staring at the door of the exclusive BDSM club, LascivoCredence.
Who did something like this? Accept an anonymous invitation to become a stranger’s sub for one night? What was she thinking? It was completely out of character for her―especially since her knowledge of the lifestyle was limited to what she read in novels. But her curiosity over the super hot CEO she worked for and had a secret … er … libido crush on, was the caveat to throw caution to the wind. She had to know what he was up to in his free time.
In a skimpy elf dress, wearing killer heels, she waited to meet Master Santa … completely unaware of the deviant plans he had in store for her. 
Cash Evans had it all. He was rich, clever and possessed the kind of physical appeal that made women’s clothes fall from their bodies with one look from him. But he had needs, the kind very few women could understand let alone embrace, and he should know. He’d been searching for the right one for years. 
Now, he had his sights set on the naturally sensual Megan Torres, and the powerful Dom in him knew just how to wake the submissive within her. 
Would one night with him yield the one he had been searching for, or would she flee him and his chains when the clock struck midnight without a backward glance?

Editor's Note:
Prepare to touch yourself while reading this story … to provoke both pleasure and to try to protect your most intimate parts from Master Santa's sadistic tendencies. This story will turn you on and make you cringe in staggering succession, and by the end, you might even be looking into trying this pain for pleasure thing.  
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Want to enjoy a sneak peak? Well, here you go then!
Excerpt: Copyright©2018 Linzi Basset

“So you do.” His eyes traversed over her face. “It’s quite refreshing to find a woman of your age to still have the ability to blush.” 
Megan tried to look away, but his gaze locked her in place. His fingers caught her chin in a painful grip, the message unmistakable. He was in charge.
“Why do you think you’re here, Megan?”
“I don’t … I’m not sure.” Which was the truth. She was drowning in a soup of confusion. 
“I decided it’s time to show you what your fuck-me-looks invite every time you pass me in the hallway.” 
“I never—”
His eyes darkened; the gravelly order reached deep inside her, yanking out the submissive she’d only guessed was hiding there. “Don’t spit out lies in here. I won’t stand for it. It’s the one thing I expect from you—honesty. In what you say, in how you react, and most importantly, in how you submit to me.” 
“Yes, Sir.” 
“What did I tell you, who am I to you tonight?” 
“Master … my Master Santa.” 
The pad of his thumb pressed into her lip, exposing the fleshy crimson pulp.
“Don’t forget again, subbie.” He kept her gaze captive. “Push out your tongue.” Again, she obeyed blindly. She was overwhelmed by his closeness. There was something in his eyes that caused nonstop shudders to roll through her. He was power personified, yet he seemed to have fierce control over it. She wondered if it was for her benefit because she was a newbie, or if it was what all the subs she had seen hanging onto him reacted to. His gaze swept over her face, so compelling it felt like his big hand was sliding seductively over her body.
He leaned closer. His lips locked around her tongue and he sucked. Megan gasped and pulled hers back inside her mouth. She whimpered as his thumb pressed her bottom lip painfully against her teeth. Her clit began to throb incessantly. 
“Push out your tongue. Pull it back again and I’ll put a clamp on it to keep it in place the rest of the evening. Is that understood?” 
“Yes,” she gasped and immediately flicked out her tongue. She’d seen pictures of some of the clamps they used in BDSM scenes and she had no intention of wearing one of those torture tools! The pressure on her lip increased. Her eyes shot to his. The dark look in his gaze was the only reminder she needed. “Yes, Master.” 
He smiled. “You’re a quick learner. It pleases me.” His gaze dropped to her mouth. “Tongue.” 
This time Megan was prepared … only to the extent that she didn’t yank it from his grasp. What she wasn’t prepared for was the burst of heat that seared through her body as he sucked. Her eyes fluttered closed. She yelped as he bit into her tongue; her eyes shot open. The order was there in the flash of his eyes. Keep your eyes open, subbie. It was eerie that she could hear his voice inside her mind. 

Author Bio and social links:

Linzi Basset is a top 100 Amazon and iBooks Bestselling Author.
Not satisfied to be chained to one genre, she flourishes in producing multiple realms of her imaginary world. Her bestselling Club Cove series have all achieved top 5 on the Amazon charts. Her stories as edgy, dark, suspenseful and at times filled with sweet romance. Linzi is a sucker for HEA and all her books have a happy ending, no matter the battles each couple have to fight to get there. 

As a full time author, there’s only one place you’ll ever find Linzi and that’s behind her laptop … well, now and then she pops in at the gym too and she’s never without her trusty energy booster … a steaming cup of coffee! 

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Want a little more titillation? How about this?

Santa'a Whip


Isabel James

What better way to spend a cold Christmas Eve in front of the fire?

Santa’s Whip will tantalize your senses as you share in this sweet, romantic, yet kinky experience of a couple who have reached a crossroad in their marriage.

: A whip as a Christmas present! Has her husband lost his mind?

A desperate wife
A husband with a secret
A marriage at a crossroads

A recipe for the beginning of the end of a twenty-three-year relationship? Or would Caleb’s deviant plan to add some spice to their marriage be just what was needed to save it? 
Zoey Thomas was at her wits' end. Their twins had left for college in LA, and suddenly, her amorous husband had become the master of celibacy. So sexually frustrated, she even toyed with the idea of renting a lover for an afternoon! 
That is, until a gift containing a slinky black dress, silky nylons, and killer heels arrived with an invitation to meet him on Christmas Eve at the exclusive Club Solace, brought a flare of hope. 
Then she uncovered what was at the bottom of the box … 
A black crop with the engraving, Santa’s Whip. Had her husband completely lost his mind? 
Would Zoey be ready for what secrets the night might reveal? Or had Caleb’s invitation just backfired and threatened to blow their entire life to smithereens?

Editor's note:
I felt her jealousy. I felt her anger. I felt her betrayal. I also felt her desire. Santa's Whip does not disappoint; a fast-paced, erotic tale that will toggle your emotions and your libido for a truly very Merry Christmas.  

Here's a little sneak peak!

Excerpt: Copyright©2018 Isabel James
“Stop cursing,” he rumbled. 
Her eyes widened. “That’s all you’ve got to say?” She never cursed and the fact that she didn’t even realize she was doing it was proof of just how angry she was. She jumped from the high barstool, unconcerned that her boobs jiggled as a result, nor did she notice his gaze drop to appreciate the sight she presented. “Enjoy your club, Caleb. I’m out of here.” 
He caught her arms as she stomped past him. 
“You’re not going anywhere. Not until we’ve discussed this like adults.”
“Oh, now I’m a child! Like I don’t have the right to be upset and angry to find out my husband has been lying to me. That our marriage has been a fucking … farce.” Her voice thinned as a sob broke through her furious tirade.
“Don’t ever say that again, do you hear me, Zoey?” His gravelly voice thundered toward her although he’d only grated it softly through thin lips. We’ll talk in my office and I’m warning you, behave yourself or you won’t like the consequences.” 
“You don’t scare me, Master Caleb. I’m your wife, not your devoted submissive, which means you have no … no! Put me down! Caleb Thomas … oww!” Zoey cried out as two hard slaps cracked against her silk covered buttocks which were upended over his shoulder. His hands tightened around her legs as he twisted around and stomped toward the stairs in the opposite corner. 
“You’ve been warned. Believe me, babe, the next one won’t be a pat like the first two.” 
A pat?Her ass was burning like lava had been poured over it. She grabbed at his belt as her head bobbed like a cork in water and bumped against his buttocks with every step. The cool air on her ass cheeks registered. Her face flushed red and she reached back to pull down the short skirt … ineffective at best as it barely covered her butt standing. She did her best to keep her hand over her girly bits, mortified that in this position her most of her private parts were on blatant display. 
“You are so gonna regret this,” she snapped indignantly. 
“Keep it up, my pet. I’ve been dreaming about having you at my mercy in here. You have no idea the scenes I’ve been visualizing us having.”
Zoey stopped struggling, stumped at how it floored her to hear him say that. It made her want to give in to him, face the challenge of submitting to him, if only to see how she’d matured sexually since they got married. She felt a surge of excitement rush through her to settle in an insisting throb in her loins. In that moment, her anger shifted as her libido took control of her body. Her eyes widened at the realization that she was aroused by the prospect of being at Caleb’s mercy, in the dungeon, naked and tied up … awaiting the first—
Oh shit. Hell no! Fucking hell no!

Author Bio and social links:

Isabel James is a pseudonym for two authors who collaborated to bring you a tale of emotional and spiritual discoveries.

One is an Erotica Author who has achieved Bestseller status a few times with her Club Alpha Cove series, Club Wicked Cove, Club Devil Cove, The Tycoon and Their Sub series, Linzi Basset. 
The other Author is a poet at heart and loves the nuances of wordplay. Like a true Artist, he paints a canvas with words, drawing you into his imagination, seducing you with their expressive beauty. He loves everything Shakespeare and draws his inspiration from the beauty of true passion and lust of life and love.
The day these two met, they discovered they had a writing chemistry. Their minds sparred and they converted their passion for words into a journey of discovery that happened without any conscious decision.
Their writing is intense, it’s intimate and no holds barred. They openly explore the sensual and erotic emotions that rule the human body and mind. They’re each other’s yin and yang, challenging their minds and emotions to constantly explode in the stories they write. It’s an anthology of colorful, winding words that more than tell a story, it draws you inside, inviting you to feel each and every touch, see every emotion and experience the explosive sensations for yourself as they guide you through a maze of pleasurable erotica and challenge you with spiritual emotional discovery.

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