Saturday 5 October 2019

Hot New Releases and other Fun!

Wow! October already and I'm afraid September was a washout as far as my blog went. 
With Mr Flynn and I celebrating our 20th wedding Anniversary by renewing our vows in what turned into a whole second wedding, closely followed by our 12 year old son spending two weeks in hospital following major surgery, life just got in the way. 
But hey! I'm back this month with three fantastic new releases, a FREE e-magazine and some hot news about the Reader Group I started with four other amazing authors. So where do I start?
Well, let's kick things off with an invitation to join myself, Chloe Kent, Kessily Lewel, Mary Auclair and Libby Campbell for the Grand Opening Party of our Sexy Spanking Authors & Readers group. I'll let the graphics do the talking rather than waffle on here for ages lol 😉

Thursday 17th October 11am - 7pm EST

Join us here: 

Now as it happens, my co-hosts Chloe and Libby both have new releases out this month, as well as fellow UK author Felicity Brandon. And there are also details of the current 'Mom's Favorite Reads' FREE e-magazine, to which I have contributed several articles this month. Here are some sneak peeks at what's on offer 😊

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The Bychkov Bratva needs an heir. Now. They wanted a girl quickly so they chose an orphanage where no one would ask questions.
They planned to use her until she was pregnant. Instead they got twenty-one-year-old American Starla Anderson. When the Russian Mafia invades the orphanage where she lives, in the middle of the night, throwing the nuns who raised her, into a petrified frenzy, it’s Starla who is chosen as the only one who could possibly survive the Bratva and their demands.
 But in spite of her own fear of the three massive, glowering and scary men, Starla has to think and act fast. With her heart thundering in her chest, her body on fire at their presence alone, she sees an opportunity, something that might help the other girls at the impoverished orphanage at a chance of a better life. She lays out her only condition. Her body for a fee… Except… No one says no to the Bratva.
Publisher’s Note: This reverse harem, dark romance is intended for adults only. It contains elements of mystery, suspense, ménage, sensual scenes, adult language, power exchange and a guaranteed HEA. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.  

Nikolay could smell her before he heard her. Her scent, which seemed saturated in his mind, lavender and vanilla mixed with that of his brothers.  He couldn’t close his eyes without seeing her. That long lustrous hair of hers, swaying in waves as she spoke, as she took on his brothers, as she fumed like a little angry dragon.
He couldn’t stop his cock from hardening just looking at her, her eyes honeycomb and innocence, her full pink lips. He had separated his mind from his body, something he had had to learn to do and then with the help of his brothers relearned it again. That she made his cock hard didn’t mean he liked her. She just had to stay away from him.
He clutched the ax tightly in his hand, willing the cold to settle his fire. There was something about her that triggered him. He felt as if he knew her. Had seen her before. And she brought out a rage in him he thought he had resolved.
Her presence made the scars on his back, his face ache and they hadn’t ached in years.
 He knew he had to stay away from her. She had to stay away from him.
He knew he wanted to… to hurt her. Out of a need to protect himself. 
He hadn’t had a woman in five years. Had never found one who could harden his cock enough to want to fuck her. His brothers had tried, tried to find that one woman who would break the spell but failed. And fuck, he never even drank much anymore, not as much as his brothers, but he had had to fill his blood with alcohol since laying eyes on her to stop himself from either fucking the daylights out of her… or…

BIO: Chloe Kent has been hooked on romance since her teens and couldn’t wait to grow up and write her own romance novels. Her spirited heroines usually require at least two… sometimes more incredibly hot heroes to keep her happy and that's exactly how Chloe writes them.
Her favorite pastimes include her husband, her dog, and books. Her biggest fear is running out of coffee or her imagination.

Find Chloe here: Blog    Amazon     Bookbub      Twitter

Next up we have:

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When her parents choose a gruff, battle-hardened admiral as her mate and give her no say at all in the matter, twenty-one-year-old Princess Gael does not hesitate to make her displeasure known. Despite her protests, however, her old-fashioned yet undeniably sexy husband-to-be wastes no time in taking her over his knee and baring her bottom for a painful, embarrassing spanking when she defies him during an ancient ceremony intended to celebrate their union.
Fleet Admiral Kai Grenville has no doubt that taming his beautiful, feisty new mate will be a battle, but it is a battle he intends to win. If that means paddling Gael’s beautiful backside bright red with her panties stuffed in her mouth to teach her what happens to sassy mates, then so be it.
Though she does her best to remain indignant about her situation and Kai’s willingness to chastise her as often and as shamefully as he feels it necessary, Gael cannot deny her body’s response to his dominance, and when he claims her the pleasure is more intense than she would have thought possible. But with a plague ravaging their world and Gael’s reckless behavior putting her in danger, can Kai find a way to conquer her heart while also keeping her safe?

This standalone novel has a satisfying ending and can be read as a standalone or as part of the series.

Publisher’s Note: Bound to the Admiral includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Learn more about the planet Devmaer and its sizzling people with the prequel novella Bound to the Past. It’s available FREE for a limited time on Book Funnel Or buy it here: Amazon

Gael had barely taken two steps when Kai was on her. Taking her by the right hand, he led her to a stone bench, hidden in the shadows of the castle wall. She dug her heels in and tried to resist but he was too strong for her.
“You’ve been asking for this all night.” His voice was as severe as a judge’s.
Gael glanced around, knowing what was coming, horrified at the notion that someone might see. Mild relief that they were alone was short-lived. 
“You can’t—” Her heart raced.
Without another word, Kai sat on the bench and wrenched her over his knees. The force of the man was like being caught in a tornado. Trying to right herself back onto her feet was pointless and her arms wind-milled as he pushed her into position. Her indignant protests were ignored, and she breathed in shallow gasps.
Bouncing her from one knee to the next, he easily lifted her half-raised skirt above her waist, arranging her gown for his convenience. Then he grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them down around her knees with a single yank. Immediately the cool evening air brushed Gael’s exposed posterior. Angry, humiliated, and unexpectedly aroused all at the same time, she pressed her thighs together, hanging on to the last shred of modesty left to her.  
“Are you a spoiled brat?” Kai asked, drawing small circles on her bottom with one hand. His other hand anchored her in place.
Gael stayed silent, hoping that rendering her helpless would be enough for him. He was so tall that when she was suspended over his knees, neither her hands nor her feet reached the ground. She was completely and utterly under his control.
“I asked you a question.” Kai punctuated his words with a stinging smack.
Gael winced more in disbelief than pain. It didn’t hurt much but it was so loud, she wondered if it could be heard in the Great Hall. If anyone saw her like this, she would die of humiliation.
“I could behave better I suppose,” she said almost inaudibly.
“That is an understatement. So here’s your first lesson in obedience.” Without further ado, he continued the spanking in earnest. 
One minute Gael was trying to process how the concept of her obeying anyone had come into her life. The next minute a rapid volley of smacks fell on her naked cheeks, making her unable to think of anything but how soon this horror show would end. 

So for an extra little treat, here's a little intimate Q&A with Libby as she answers a few questions about her new release!

This series seems to be darker than anything you’ve written before. Is it a new trend for you?
Yes and no. The series does have more sex and BDSM play but, like all my books, the erotica is underscored by caring relationships that build to great love.
I enjoy tracing the evolution of power-exchange relationships founded on trust, trial and error, love and laugher.

What was your inspiration for Bound to the Admiral?
In 2018 my husband and I toured the Washington and Oregon coasts. I fell in love with the beautiful lighthouses that dot that coastline. They were all so different but symbolized hope and safety to ships at sea.
Plus they kind of reminded me of tiny castles and I love princess stories. Before I knew it, an entire series was shaping in my imagination and demanding to be written.

Does this book have a playlist?
I rarely play music when I’m writing but one song I listened to a lot while writing this book was Rachel D’Arcy’s song Dance for You. I love the line “I won’t dance for anyone, but I will dance for you.” It’s Gael’s song! It’s available here: Amazon.
I also watched a lot of belly dancing by the amazing Cassandra Fox. 

What is the best part of writing?
When a reader enjoys a book enough to review it! It says we connected and that’s the greatest satisfaction a writer can have.

What is the hardest part?
Trying to convince my husband that I’m not writing instruction manuals. 
I read all my books aloud to him because he is a supportive listener and has an excellent memory for details that are easy to trip over as the narrative grows.
He laughs in all the right places, and tenses in the action scenes, all of which is encouraging in the moments of self doubt that plague every project.

Libby Campbell in her own words:
My romance novels feature strong, self-reliant women and the powerful men who love them. Romantic by nature, I write the stories I want to read: those that feature a spicy power exchange and deliver a sting in the tale.
Canadian by birth, I also lived in Australia for a couple of decades. While living there I overcame my aversion to saucer-sized spiders and, as a condition of marriage to my Aussie Prince Charming, I swore a lifelong allegiance to the Melbourne Football Club. 
Then family called and my husband and I packed up and moved. We now live on a rocky island on Canada’s West Coast, close to beaches that once were frequented by smugglers and rumrunners.
My passions are reading and writing. I adore all animals and love hiking, beachcombing, and an occasional night of dancing. 

Connect with Libby here: Newsletter   Blog   Facebook   Pinterest

Now, regular visitors to my blog will know that I've been involved with the Mom's Favorite Reads e-magazine for quite a while now. This month is the children's edition so take a look. It's not often you get something of this quality for FREE! 

You can download FREE, right here:

There's something for everyone with articles, special features, activities, lifestyle, young writers section and lots more!

Last, but by no means least, we have:

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I met Jared online. 
Despite having a family, I wanted to feel alive.
I wanted the fantasy.
But I never counted on one thing: Daddy.
A Daddy who takes control.
A Daddy who always gets what he wants.
A Daddy like Jared.
He'll make me his property. 
And I'll let him consume me.

So there we have it! Four very different selections for this months blog as well as Q&A with the lovely Libby Campbell and all our reader group party details. Don't forget to join us on 17th October where all todays featured authors will be taking part and snag yourself a chance to win a generous $50 gift card as well as many other prizes and giveaways ❤️

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